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What my clients say...

''I have been undergoing weekly therapy with Re since late 2023 and cannot thank her enough for her patience and approach towards our therapy sessions. Re has genuinely invested in understanding me in a way that previous therapists have not and seems to always know the right questions to ask to empower me to reflect on my experiences and my feelings. I have greatly benefited from the resources and reflective practices that Re has encouraged me to do, and would highly recommend Re to anyone who struggles with identity issues, anxiety, or relationships. I have seen a marked improvement in my ability to understand my thoughts, feelings and reactions to day-to-day challenges as well as larger life events, and find myself becoming better at coping with each passing month of therapy. I always feel heard, listened to, and appropriately challenged during our sessions. Thank you Re.''

                                                                                   - TM, 2024

''Before I began my journey in therapy I was afraid of addressing the issues that I was having as I knew I had a long and difficult road ahead of me. There were topics that I didn't want to confront, but upon starting my sessions I quickly felt the safe space that Rehana creates to express myself whilst guiding me without judgement. Her knowledge and professionalism has allowed me to better understand myself and the issues that I was faced with. As a result of this, I've noticed a real positive change in myself and understanding of my emotions for the better. I'd highly recommend Rehana as a counsellor for anyone that is considering her services.''

                                                                                        - AK, 2024

''I could not recommend seeing Re more highly!  

She has a way of untangling thoughts, making things seem clear and situations surmountable. Our sessions have allowed me to get to the root of my feelings, providing me with a better understanding of myself. She gently provides new ways of thinking which leaves me feeling hopeful and empowered to make change in my life.''


                                                                          - KB, 2024

''Thank you so much... you've been a big part of my growth, I truly appreciate that.''

                                                                                              - TA, 2024

'' I was initially reluctant to undertake therapy due to the stigma around it, however, Rehana made me feel extremely comfortable and provided a safe space, allowing me to open up and discuss my concerns. Rehana tailored our sessions to my needs to really help me through my struggles. I'm really pleased with how my session's had gone, and would strongly recommend Re for those considering therapy.''

                                                                                              - TA, 2024

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