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I am a qualified Integrative Counsellor and a registered member of the British Association of Counsellors and Psychotherapists (BACP). 

I hold the belief that emotional distress serves as our way of expressing something that requires attention and understanding.

The impact of developmental challenges, traumatic events, abusive encounters, disruptive relationships, difficult life experiences and systemic prejudice can cause us to question our inherent potential.

Often we learn to conceal aspects of ourselves that we perceive as unacceptable, wearing a metaphorical mask that obscures our true essence. However, this self-protective mechanism inadvertently leads us to lose sight of our own needs, desires, and self-worth. 

By bravely shedding the masks and embracing vulnerability, you'll uncover your authenticity and wholeness that lie within.

Together, let's liberate you from the layers of conditioning, societal expectations, and past experiences that may have constricted your self-perception and worldview.


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''To be truly free you have to be aware of who you are''   

-Nitin Namdo

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How I Work

Deciding to seek therapy is a courageous step demonstrating your commitment to personal growth and psychological well-being. Nevertheless, I understand it can feel unnerving.

My primary dedication is to create a safe and compassionate environment where you can freely delve into your emotions, thoughts, and experiences without fear of judgement. Building an authentic relationship with you is my priority and is ultimately the catalyst for growth and healing. 

As an integrative therapist, I draw upon a diverse range of psychotherapeutic modalities (predominantly Pyschodynamic and Humanistic) whilst adopting a relational, culturally-sensitive and creative approach. Essentially, this means I tailor my methods to suit your unique needs and personal goals. My approach facilitates exploration, self-reflection, comprehension, and integration of your past experiences.

By uncovering aspects of yourself which no longer serve you and which may previously have remained hidden from your conscious awareness, we can begin to loosen their grip on your present and future. My approach does not typically involve attempting to "fix" your challenges in a prescriptive manner. Instead, I have observed in my practice that disturbances tend to alleviate most effectively when granted the necessary space for exploration. In this light, my intention is to listen attentively and provide sensitive challenges, present fresh perspectives and potential avenues for transformative change. Our work together will provide you the opportunity to identify and explore the root causes of your emotional triggers, develop effective coping strategies to regulate emotions, manage stress and maintain a greater sense of balance and resilience in your life. I adhere to the BACP's ethical framework and ensure our work together is centred on your best interests and respectfully conducted at a pace and depth that is helpful and comfortable for you.

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